New Tracks for Grimme Varitron and Maxitron Harvesters

Designed for increased capacity Customer worldwide told us they were not happy with the current offering available for the heaviest harvesting machinery. We then got to work designing and testing a 900mm / 35" Track that will outlast / outperform all other harvester rubber tracks currently available in this size and for this purpose.

Our new 'N' Series tracks have several important differences which make them more suitable for heavy harvesters:

  • Increased Carcass Thickness

  • Increased tread bar Thickness

  • Higher number of tread bars

  • Smaller tread pitch.

Below you can see one of our new tracks ready to be shipped out and some close ups:

900mm 35 inch Tracks for Grimme Varitron
900mm 35 inch Tracks for Grimme Varitron

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